Leadership Class

Our trademark here at Acme Canine Center LLC.  This class offers a comprehensive approach to all of the basic commands such as sit, stay, down, and adds a couple in as well.  Such as “Leave it” and “curb” Do not cross the imaginary boundary line.  This class comes with a lifetime return policy, so if your dog becomes forgetful or you want to brush up on certain commands, you are welcome. We use natural communication techniques–strength and confidence, balanced with lots of positive reinforcement. You learn how to earn your dog’s respect and devotion without using food bribery.  All male dogs over 10 months of age must be neutered prior to starting class.

By the end of Week 1, your dog will find you more fascinating than the other dogs in the class. You’ll be playing a “Leadership Game” with him that will relax him while exercising his mind. Leash-pulling and jumping up will be a thing of the past.

By the end of Week 2 , your dog will be walking attentively with you on a slack leash or with no leash. He’ll be learning to sit the first time you say the word, to sit-stay in one spot, and to keep out of mischief with the leave it command.

By the end of Week 3, your dog will be responding positively to come, down (lie down) and curb (a wonderful boundary training command).

By the end of Week 4, your dog learns to down-stay (long-term parking), and you receive canine first aid training.

Leadership Class is for dogs over four months of age. Groups consist of not more than 7 new dogs. Fee: $175. Plus lifetime guarantee* free of charge. Any family members may attend at no extra charge. Full payment is required at time of booking. Visa and Mastercard accepted over the phone or in person. If you need to cancel, you will receive a full refund if you contact us at least 1 week before the start of your class. No refunds issued after that time, but we will always be happy to fit you into another one of our classes.

Upcoming Dates: See Schedule, or call 509-574-4008.

*Lifetime Guarantee: At no extra charge, your dog may repeat Leadership Class for the rest of his/her life. They may attend refreshers with you, come with various family members, and even with new owners if you choose to re-home him.


Rally Obedience Competition Class

This newest form of AKC obedience competition is taking the country by storm. Rally Obedience, or “Rally-O,” is informal, fast-paced, and real-life in its approach and exercises. In this sport, you and your dog must work your way across a course designated by numbered signs. Each sign instructs a team to perform a specific, simple obedience exercise. Praise and positive interaction between dog and owner are encouraged, making it a fun, exciting activity for both parties. The course is timed. The team that completes the course (typically 12-16 stations) with the best performance and fastest time wins. All others who complete the course in reasonable time earn qualifying ribbons toward an AKC Rally Title.

Novice Rally courses are relatively simple. As your proficiency increases, so does the difficulty of the rally courses, providing a constant challenge for each team.

Our experienced Rally instructors will teach you the ins and outs of this sport. You’ll learn the exercises, how to negotiate a course, and how to prepare for and enter the world of Rally competition.

Our Rally-O classes meet in six-week cycles, with advanced meeting on Monday nights, and Beginning and Intermediate on Tuesday. Fee: $75.

Check the Schedule for starting dates, or call 509-574-4008 for information. Full payment of $75 is required at time of booking. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Refunds only issued up to 1 week before the start of the class.


Doggy Day Camp

Acme’s Doggy Day Camp is the perfect solution for dogs who need exercise, play, attention and socialization while you are away at work. Our Day Camp meets Monday through Friday.  No Day Camp on weekends. No overnight kenneling. Day Camp hours are 7:30am to 5:30pm. Full days are $15; half-days are $10.  Prior to acceptance, we will screen your dog for aggression and other behavior issues that may preclude his attendance.

Day Camp is conducted in our large classroom and adjacent fenced play yard. Dogs are free to go in and outdoors all day.

Our Doggy Day Camp is extremely popular and usually full, so reservations should be made a week or two ahead of time whenever possible.


Private Lessons

If your schedule does not allow you to attend group classes… or if you need immediate help and can’t get into group classes because they are full… or if you have special behavioral issues that would be better addressed in an individual setting, you can schedule private lessons with one of our trainers. We can accommodate you at Acme or at your own home. Generally, lessons at Acme are 60-90 minutes long. Fees are $65. Fees for in-home visits begin at $75 for the immediate Yakima area.

Please call us at 574-4008 to schedule a private lesson or simply to discuss your dog’s training needs.



Agility has become the biggest canine sport in the entire world. Virtually any dog of any breed can enjoy and compete. Handlers, too, come in all shapes and sizes. The fun and excitement are addictive!

In agility, the dog negotiates a timed obstacle course, under the direction of its handler. Obstacles include all sorts of jumps, tunnels, a chute, large A-frame, narrow bridge, teeter totter, table, and weave poles.

The activity is a great confidence booster providing exercise for dogs and handlers. For those who decide to become competitive, our classes will prepare you to enter and excel in all levels of agility competition, from local matches to national championships.

You’ll benefit from a small student-instructor ratio in all our agility classes. Our instructors are experienced in competition, with advanced agility titles on their own dogs.

You will begin with the “Introduction to Agility” class, a low-stress, on-leash, fun class for dogs and handlers with no agility experience. We hold the 6-week “Intro” class at Acme’s own fenced, grass-surface agility field. Fee: $75, payable at time of booking. Cancellations and refunds accepted up to 1 week before the start of class. No refunds after that time.

Check the Schedule or call 509-574-4008 for class dates. Visa and Mastercard accepted.


AKC Good Citizen Testing

The official distinction of “Canine Good Citizen” tells the world your dog has been trained in basic manners and has met a minimum criteria standardized by the American Kennel Club. We can administer this simple manners test to you and your dog by appointment. Test fee is $25. We have two AKC-approved CGC testers on our staff.

Call us to schedule the test: 509-574-4008. For more information on the CGC test criteria, please click here: Canine Good Citizen Test


Pro Shop

Our retail shop carries high quality dog training items, toys, food and supplies. We test all merchandise on our own dogs before adding it to our inventory. If you need it for your dog’s basic health, well-being, entertainment or training, we probably have it or can get it very quickly.

Acme’s prices are as low as you will find anywhere, including the internet. You will pay up to 50% less at Acme than you will for the same item at the big pet stores.

We are open 7:30am to 8pm Monday through Thursday, lOam to 5pm Friday, and 9am to 12pm Saturday.

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